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We here at http://www.JimmyZHomes.com have helped many families realized the dream of home ownership (that they thought wasn't possible for them!) through our lease-purchase, owner financing, and down payment assistance programs.

Our founder, Jim Zaspel (JimmyZ) takes it as his personal mission to help as many people as possible own a home with bad credit. Our rent to own program (a.k.a. "lease purchase" or "lease option") has helped many people all throughout the Philadelphia area.

Jim Zaspel has helped people get rid of a home they needed to sell for one reason or another -- they couldn't afford to make necessary repairs, they had already purchased another home, they didn't want to sell conventionally and have people traipsing through their home, they couldn't deal with the uncertainty of when a house might sell through an agent, they were dealing with an illness/divorce/death in the family, or just needed to get out.

We have assisted a large number of people facing foreclosure by either purchasing their home or negotiatiing a Short Sale with the Lender. We regularly work with the nation's leading firm to bring the highest level of expertise to our Short Sale negotiations.

Our President and Founder, Jim Zaspel has been personally mentored and trained by some of the best real estate professionals in the coutry and has develped business relationships with professionals across the country so that we can offer only the best of services to those that chose to do business with us. 

JimmyZHomes would love to help YOU own a home, so please, call us today at 215 525 6806. Once you call and speak with one of our friendly staff, Jim Zaspel will give you a call personally to thank you for your business!

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